Heidi Klum doesn’t mind being naked in front of people

Heidi Klum @ A Cocktail Party

It’s always refreshing to hear how supermodels are just like us. That is if you’re attractive, fit and have no hangups about being naked in front of people on account of you have nothing to be ashamed of since you’re perfect in every way. So, I guess by “just like us” I meant “just like me.” Heidi tells Pop Tarts:

“To see me in wings is nothing too unusual. People are pretty open with their bodies in Germany, and the children see you naked or in lingerie all the time so it’s not a big deal for us. We don’t hide inside a room somewhere and change — it’s all very out in the open.”

Heidi and me both. I’m never embarrassed by my body either. In fact, in the showers at the gym, I make it a point to make eye contact with the other guys and ask, “Jealous?” Clearly they are because they always wrap their towels around their waist and hurry away. Pfft, they are so transparent.

Heidi goes on to say that the hot man waiting for her at home, Seal, motivates her to stay in shape and adds that she does not want to be a “slouch bag.” And while I’m pretty sure “slouch bag” isn’t a real phrase (is it?), I bet it still sounds real cute when Heidi says it. Not like when/if Paris Hilton says it. With her, I’d just want to punch her in the face.

Some more of Heidi Klum and the Victoria’s Secret girls after the jump and in the gallery.

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