Jamie Lynn had plastic surgery while pregnant

Jamie Spears

I really doubt this is true, but Star Magazine reports Jamie Lynn Spears had liposuction when she was pregnant. After she finished filming Zoey 101, she started getting fat and not knowing it was due to being pregnant, Jamie asked her mom to let her get lipo.

Her mom approved of the injections and “went through tons of red tape to get the clinic to adminster them to an underage patient.” A Dr. Gary Burton says any form of liposuction is dangerous to the fetus. Jamie now fears that this procedure has caused long-term harm to her baby.

Ruh roh. Combine that with the Spears’ defective gene pool and this kid will be eating glue and tickling his brain with chopsticks in no time. The smartest thing this baby will ever likely say is, “the Sun is hot.”

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