Jay-Z better watch out

Beyonce & Adrien Brody @ Cadillac Premiere

Adrien Brody admitted during the premiere of Cadillac Records on Monday that making out and rolling around on the ground with Beyonce, Elta James in the movie, wasn’t part of the script but even though it was historically inaccurate, no one complained. “Let’s just say it wasn’t a deal breaker,” Brody smirked. Then he winked really hard as to suggest something. Brody’s girlfriend wasn’t around when he followed up with, “It is fun, obviously, to kiss Beyonce. I insisted on a lot of takes.”

When asked about this scene, Beyonce said “It wasn’t so bad. I remember when he kissed Halle Berry. He’s not shy! Not at all.”

Jay-Z then looked at Beyonce like a hurt kitten and she just laughed because the dude is ugly. Seriously. Love must be blind. Jay-Z trying to look cute would be like that one scene in The Simpsons where Moe the bartender tries to smile.

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