Jennifer Aniston is braless again

Jennifer Aniston is irrelevant and ugly but she has nice tits. She doesn’t like to show them of course because she holds herself to higher standards than others which is why Universal studios sent me a letter telling me to take down that topless photo of her on the set of The Break-Up.

Anyway, a Jennifer Aniston calendar set for a 2009 release may face the same legal troubles as the month of November features Aniston braless under a waterfall (click the link, NSFW). A rep for Jennifer told Pop Tarts: “I don’t think this is legal. The rights for those photographs belong to the photographers.”

Well la-dee-da. Jennifer should embrace this. She’s not getting any younger so she might as well cling to her youth now rather than later. She might also want to use that photo for her profile. It’s much better than the one she’s using now of just her face.

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laura loo
15 years ago

the 7th pic and the nude waterfall are what one would call a great calendar layout..yet the others confuse me.
is jen selling avon or something? are we back in 1994 with the haircut that every woman wanted? blaaahhhh :/

14 years ago

she is a beautiful woman. i don’t agree that she’s ugly. no need to be mean.

gerald ford
gerald ford
13 years ago
Reply to  tammy

Jenifer Aniston is not ugly,just very very plain.I would say far below average.