Jennifer Aniston still going on about it

Jennifer Aniston keeps talking about how the whole Brad and Angelina thing doesn’t affect her but you know it secretly does. She must see Brad’s face in everything from clouds in the sky to the mound of cookie dough she shovels into her mouth while she watches Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Anyway, Aniston attended the premiere of Marley and Me and, regarding the GQ article, she commented, “I wasn’t trying to make any statement.” Sure you weren’t. And I’m not trying to bid on Heidi Klum’s panties.

John Mayer also got out his megaphone and defended his lady.

“I mean, if I have a problem with that cover, I should just get the hell out of here,” he said.

When a reporter tried to get him to hold a copy, Mayer joked, “No, don’t make me hold it – you’re pimping me out! Because when I touch it, angels die.”

I have no idea what that means. Is John saying she’s so ugly that she kills angels? Maybe. Probably. That John Mayer is so cruel.

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13 years ago

what a loser. Truly, she needs to just go away somewhere. If she wasn’t just a self absorbed, career driven princess she wouldn’t have lost Brad in the first place. If they were truly in love nobody could have split them up. Although, she should have smart enough to not let her husband go off and film a movie with Angelina, what did she think was going to happen. It’s Angelina Jolie for frig sake. Nobody ever talks about the fact that when she and Brad were married and she was interviewed by Barbara Walter she asked her if Brad… Read more »

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