Kirsten Dunst has a stalker

Kirsten Dunst hides

Kirsten Dunst’s assistant made a citizen’s arrest on one Christopher Smith who sneaked through security and made his way into Dunst’s house on November 20. Kristen was gone at the time.

Smith was arrested and a restraining order has been filed against him. State police say Smith has trespassed several times in the past few weeks.

Dunst has never met Smith but says she is “quite frightened” of him. As she should be. Anyone would be scared of a guy carrying a stake and wanting to drive it through your heart. Although in his defense, that’s the only way you can kill Snaggletooth.

  • Go to hospital after smoking a joint? Seriously? What exactly did she think they were going to do for her, provide some nachos and pizza to obviate the inevitable muchies? :-D

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