Lisa Rinna posing for Playboy

Lisa Rinna

No one wants this, but it’s happening anyway. Lisa Rinna, 45, confirmed that she is posing for Playboy. Again. She told Extra, “I’m the worst liar on the planet, I can’t lie, so… I think that could be a yes.”

Yet more proof Playboy is about to fold. The magazine used to be something little kids found under their dad’s bed and whacked off to. Now it’s become this marvelous tool to help bulimics facilitate gagging. The last thing I want to do is check out a 45-year-old with duck lips naked. No matter how much airbrushing is involved. You could tell me they copy and pasted a naked Megan Fox over her and I’d still try to punch my fist through the entire magazine before you could even flip it open. I can’t take any chances.

  • To pose for Playboy magazine is entirely within the discretion of Rinna. So what if she really wants to pose naked. Since she still has the body, she has all the right to have them publicly viewed. There’s no reason for her not to do so.

    • I also think that she has all the right to pose naked if she wants to. She is still great looking, so why not? I’m looking forward to see her in the playboy magazine!

  • Dave

    So, looks like they’re doing a layout of fish faces.

  • EdisonC

    She is not bad… I am actually waiting for Macdonna to do a session for PlayBoy…I get hard whever I see a woman….age is not an issue….

  • I think she great and I she has it to pose on playboy

  • DesktopFixture

    No one wants it? Talk about yourself.

  • Jen

    I love how Playboy doesn’t discriminate age, race or weight with the women who pose for them. I know miss february 2005 was a size ten. i also love how the picturees are still taseful and how the magazine highlights the women’s ambhisons in life and what her hobbies are. That way, the readers won’t objectify them.

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