Marisa Tomei is naked

Despite being 44, Marisa Tomei still has a tight body. That’s why when she plays a stripper and gets naked in The Wrestler, I’m not throwing up in my mouth. If this was any other 40-year-old, I’d curl up in the fetal position and curse god for the power of sight. But, no. This is a pleasant surprise. Just like when you order six piece chicken mcnuggets and discover they gave you seven pieces. Pics NSFW.

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Herman Sulsona
Herman Sulsona
12 years ago

I have been following Marisa Tomei’s career for a long time, and I hadn’t been so pleasantly surprised with this argticle. Same goes for Halle Berry

Chuck D.
12 years ago

Nice “Tomei”-toes!

Jeff Schrembs
12 years ago

Marisa Tomei…GREAT job.
Nuff said.

David Kallio
David Kallio
12 years ago

MARISA TOMEI–Best star in “THE PEREZ FAMILY”–Best scene was when she emerged from the surf at Miami Beach, upon landing from the Mariel (CUBA) Boatlift!

Thank You, God, for MARISA TOMEI

tito guava
tito guava
11 years ago

she is a gorgeous bitch

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