Miley Cyrus wants to be emancipated

Miley Cyrus Shopping

I read this as Miley Cyrus wants to be “emaciated’ at first, but whatever, this is just as dumb. Miley Cyrus just turned sixteen and to celebrate, she’s talking with her lawyer about filing a Petition of Emancipation form. You see, Miley thinks she’s an adult now and wants total control over her life. None of this “keep the door open when your alone with your 20-year-old boyfriend” crap.

“She is dating a 20-year-old and is already a superstar, so she thinks it’s high time she started living like an adult. And although she loves her parents, she no longer wants to be treated like a child.”

This seems more like a poorly thought out plan to have sex with her boyfriend without him having to face statutory rape charges than the result of years of being told “get to bed” and “do your homework.” Miley should know that even though she’ll be made an adult and given full control over her finances, it still won’t make a 20-year-old banging a 16-year-old legal. Believe me, I’ve looked into it.

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