Morning time wasters

Jessica Alba & Versace

  • Pajiba: I don’t know why, but Nathon Fillion’s butt
  • ASL: Jessica Alba and Versace have a stare off
  • Hollywood Rag: Madonna wants A-Rod in her double wide
  • WIMB: Brad Pitt wants his ‘stache respected
  • URLesque: How to make fire with a condom
  • Lainey: K-Fed is being embraced
  • Double Viking: Victoria Vanucci is an international babe
  • Celebparasite: Anne Hathaway looks healthy
  • Yeeeah: Katie Couric channels Hilary Clinton
  • CNW: Brad Pitt is ashamed in his skills
  • all i’m saying is the white trash pose with all them dudes doesn’t work for you or halle, cause your personality is extreme. you’re very dark in romance and sinister like classic gangster.

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