Paris Hilton is on the prowl

It was only a matter of time before Paris Hilton’s diseased womb rubbed up against another unsuspecting actor. The Daily Star claims Gerard Butler is the latest victim. Paris even has a pet name for him. Braveheart.

The pair went to elaborate lengths to avoid being pictured together at LA’s Bar Deluxe.

However, we’ve heard Paris, 27, is also receiving courtly advances from a hunky billboard model.

I didn’t think celebrities willingly hung out with Paris. Especially not people as famous as Gerard Butler. He could bang any woman he wants. All he has to do is point at one in the club and she’ll inexplicably gravitate towards him. Gerard must have pointed at the wrong girl. He wanted the hot one with long legs and big tits. Not this clown footed, wonky-eyed tranny.

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