Paz Vega is in The Spirit

Paz Vega hoisted her tits up to her chin for the premiere of The Spirit yesterday. What a hero! People like Paz are the ones who make movies so great. The Spirit could suck ass but no one would remember because Paz Vega was walking the red carpet in a dress that covered only 3/4 of her body. You could film a burn victim talking into the camera for two hours about his cat and as long as you had at least three hot chicks with C cup or more on the red carpet in a low cut dress, people won’t care. When they walk out of the theatre, the only thing they’ll say to their friend is, “Hey, dude. Did you see that girl in the middle with the big,” and he’ll bounce his hands up and down in front of his chest letting his friend know he’s talking about her boobs and not her intelligence.

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