Penelope Cruz is in St. Barts

penelope cruz bikini 09

It’s nice to see that when Winter rolls in, Penelope Cruz can use her amassed wealth to escape from the treacherous cold to a warmer, much more exotic local to sunbathe in. It’s almost as if she’s mocking us common people. To that I say, so what? You may be in St. Barts enjoying a carefree life, but I have a microwave in which I can heat water with to enjoy many manufactured packets of hot cocoa. Your life’s not so great now, is it?

penelope cruz bikini 01penelope cruz bikini 02penelope cruz bikini 03penelope cruz bikini 04penelope cruz bikini 05penelope cruz bikini 06penelope cruz bikini 07penelope cruz bikini 08penelope cruz bikini 09penelope cruz bikini 10

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