Pete Wentz should shut up

Pete Wentz is cold

Pete Wentz went on SIRIUS’ The Morning Mash Up! and started flapping his gums again. This time about the taste of Ashlee’s breast milk. According to Pete it was, “soury” and “weird.” Coincidentally, that’s the exact opposite of how he described semen.

Pete then talked about his weight gain. He walks around at 135 and gets “fat face” at 148. I’m not sure what “fat face” is but I assume it’s like “punched in the face” which he suffers from at any weight.

Rocker boy then went on about his plans to turn Ashlee Simpson’s vagina into a revolving door. Which should work out well. That way, with more kids, bullies will have a harder time deciding whose ass to kick. Smart thinking, Pete.

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