Samantha Ronson feels much better

Briefly hospitalized for exhaustion, Samantha Ronson is reportedly all better. She posted on her blog that she was “just pretty exhausted from traveling and working too much. My Jewish mother was worried about me.” But that expensive hospital stay did wonders.

Well la de da. You know what I do when I’m suffering from exhaustion? Take a nap. The only reason people should go to a hospital is if they severed a limb and don’t have a needle and thread to reattach it. These whiny celebrities go to the doctor for every little thing. Oh, owie. I got a splinter. Time to go to the hospital and pay some guy $500 to take it out. Oh no. The stripper I paid to step on my balls and sit on my face punctured my carotid artery with her heels. Boo hoo. Walk it off. I’m looking at you Charlie Sheen.

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