Scott Caan must shave

There must be thousands of paparazzi in LA because one of them had enough time to follow Scott Caan around to take pictures of his dick while he was changing at the beach. Defamer has the very NSFW pictures here.

Tailing B-list celebrities around trying to get shots of their junk must be the most horrible job to have. This must be how they initiate paparazzi. Like, the veteran photogs will tell the newbies that their assignment for the next 6 months is to try and get pictures of Scott Caan or Keifer Sutherland’s balls. It’s bad enough you have to follow these guys around, but now you have to stare at their crotch through a telephoto lens? “I got into this business to hide underneath SUV’s and take pictures of Christina Aguilera’s bald vag. This is not what I signed up for,” is what the pap would say before he begrudgingly walked away.

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