Sharon Osbourne kicked some ass

Sharon Osbourne @ Opening of 'The Great House' at the Greystone Estate

A not so sexy catfight erupted Saturday at the Rock of Love: Charm School reunion taping. Contestant Megan Hauserman says host Sharon Osbourne ran across the stage, grabbed her hair and pulled and scratched at her after she said Sharon “was only famous for managing a brain dead rock star.” Security managed to break it up. Boo! Megan was sent to the hospital and called the LAPD. What a party pooper. The LAPD says Sharon is a suspect in a minor battery.

I know what you’re thinking. Of all places, Rock of Love? The cornerstone of elegance and grace? I’d understand if this happened at a taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio, but I expect more from you, Rock of Love. You are the glue that binds this country together.

And Sharon. Unbelievable. Words cannot describe my disappointment. When I read a report about you being in a physical altercation, there should be a major emphasis on eye gouging and throat punching.

[Image via Splash News]

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