Simon Cowell may not come back

American Idol has yet to premiere but the annoying reports about Paula and Simon are flooding in. Today it’s a story that Simon may not return to the series that brought him the most notoriety. They’re hoping to surround the show in an air of mystery and keep everyone guessing whether or not they’ll get to see their beloved villain, Simon, again. The suspense is killing me!

“I’ll make a decision about (whether to stay with the show) next year,” Cowell said Dec. 17 in his own call with reporters. His inclination to make a call about staying with the show doesn’t come from personality conflict as much as it does workload, however. “This show could continue for another 10 years,” he conceded.

Here’s a hint. Simon is coming back. He has his own label but American Idol is his bread and butter. Not coming back is like saying you’d only bang Jessica Alba once. Yea, right. You’d hit that so many times that when Jessica got up to leave, it’d look like she was walking on two wet noodles. That’s assuming she somehow untied herself from the bed posts.

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