Stephanie Seymour is at the beach

Stephanie Seymour ass up

Model, mother, model mother Stephanie Seymour hit St. Bart’s over the weekend for a staged photo shoot and holy crap. She’s 40 and looks amazing. She has four kids spanning two relationships ranging in ages from 4 – 17 yet her body makes Tara Reid cry. Seriously, if Tara Reid saw these, she’d lock herself in the bathroom and go, “I’m so ugly, I’m so ugly.” Granted, no one would run to the door to check on her because she’s Tara Reid so she’ll be in there however long it takes to realize she’s not getting the attention she wanted. Maybe an hour at most. More pics in the gallery.

stephanie seymour beach 01stephanie seymour beach 02stephanie seymour beach 03stephanie seymour beach 04stephanie seymour beach 05stephanie seymour beach 06stephanie seymour beach 07stephanie seymour beach 08stephanie seymour beach 09stephanie seymour beach 10

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shes still got it

11 years ago

she’s still hot even in the age of 40 she’s even a bit conservative with a body like that other girls would’ve wore something more daring.

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