Tara Reid is faking it, in free rehab

It turns out even addicts are affected by the economy. Star magazine alleges that Promises, the fancy rehab Tara Reid is vacationing at, is sponsoring Tara’s stay in hopes that name dropping her to the press will boost declining enrollment. Star says,

“Enrollment is down due to the bad economy, so in an effort to drum up publicity, they asked around Hollywood to see who wanted to stay there for free.”

What a great plan. Because if Tara Reid approves of it, it must be good. Right? Not really. Tara has a Pavlovian response to the word “free.” I heard she once ate dog food for a week because Purina offered her a year’s supply.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

She could come to my rehab center.

First order of business would be some fisting lessons to work over her sloppy cornhole so that it hangs down like streched out slinky.
After that, the real rehab can start:
Gin and tonics for breakfast, a six pack for lunch, and vodka and cranberry for dinner.

When she’s lost her mind totally, I’ll pay pack of homeless midgets to crawl over her and lick her nipples.

13 years ago

Mean, just mean…

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