Thundercats are a go and time wasters

That Vin Diesel. Such a wonderful actor. Try to guess all the movies that made this up.

  • ASL: Spencer Pratt is terrified of Heidi’s mom and vaginas (Sorry, couldn’t keep up those questions)
  • Dlisted: For a girl with “taste,” Paris sure does have ugly things
  • Holy Taco: How to score at your Christmas party
  • TC: I think someone hit Pam Anderson in the face with a shovel
  • CS: Hilary Duff still milking her fame
  • SOW: Ben Stiller broke his arm
  • College Humor: That damn Duck Hunt dog is back
  • Double Viking: Possibly the gayest rafting video ever
  • Bastardly: Kim Kardashian might still be a fame whore
  • Mr. Skin: Remember when Dina Meyer got naked in Startship Troopers
  • laura loo

    u must have been in a questioning mood with those top 5 links..

  • laura loo

    holy crap was that brad pitt???

    • That was Brad Pitt in Troy

  • KoviGrim

    That Thundercats trailers was one of the biggest piece of crap I have seen.

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