Tila Tequila wants to adopt

Tila Tequila tells Us that she’ll be ready to adopt a few kids when she becomes a billionaire and moves to her own island. So, yea, big news of the day is Tila Tequila is never going to adopt. What’s funny is she says she wants to make “another billion dollars” insinuating she’s already made her first billion.

This elfin creature then goes on a rant about how she’ll probably kill a kid because she’s inept at taking care of any living creature that’s not herself. Not in those same words, mind you, but pretty close.

“I had a dog, but I had to give him to [my] best friend, because he did not like to travel at all,” she told Us. “And I don’t like little Chihuahuas or poodles or those little dogs those girls carry around. I like bigger dogs, and they get too big for me, because I’m small, so I can’t walk them or anything.”

In conclusion, allowing Tila Tequila to be a mother is like throwing a kid into a pile of dirty needles and expecting it not to contract an incurable disease. Tila’s baby would have a better chance at life playing Russian Roulette with Scott Ruffalo. What? Too soon?

Here’s Tila Tequila at Barnes & Noble. They’ll just let anyone in won’t they?

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