Turn your head and cough, sir

Akon performed on Jimmy Kimmel the other night when he jumped into the audience to crowd surf. It turned out to be a bad idea or good idea depending on your definition because a fan grabbed his crotch. Not like a timid touch-and-go grab either, mind you, but rather, It looked like whoever did the cupping wanted to take a handful of gonad back home with them. If they were any tighter on Akon’s nuts, they would have needed to call his HMO.

  • that was ridiculous white folks always want to find out about a black man private . jealousy is among them .. that hand was searching for that private.. white folks need to stay in their own mess!

  • plus im surprised it wasnt a white womans hand but seeing a white mans hand touching him was not a surprise either … they have a hang-up about black folks sexually but they dont like black folks well if you dont like us keep your stank hands to yourself!

  • alex reager

    Nice job with one post all day long. Fucking OJ was sentenced…all kinds of Speidi shit is going on and all we get it Akon (who?) getting his joint grabbed while crowd surfing.

    Are you taking the day off?

  • Umm, is the cache broken? Should be way more posts after this.

  • holla

    damn….ppl really need to keep their hands to themselves.!

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