Vinnie Jones might get a year in jail

Last week, Vinnie Jones (Juggernaut in X-Men, heh heh heh) came to the US for a pheasant hunt when he stepped into a bar in Sioux Falls to grab a drink and a game of pool. Jones became visibly upset when, after asking to join a game, a man named Juan Barrera called him “that guy from X-Men.” Jones allegedly retorted that he’s been in “many other movies” and started pushing Barrera and his friends around. Jones then waited until Barrera came out of the bathroom and punched him in the mouth.

Vinnie then charged at the group which caused a guy named Bickett to smash a beer glass over his face. ‘His whole face was covered in blood,’ Barrera said. Barerra then claimed he got one or two punches in. By “one or two punches” I’m sure he means, “peed my pants and hid behind the bar.” That’s what I would have done. Vinnie was charged with assault and is currently out on bail.

The Daily Mail says Jones has always been a tough guy even has a footballer.

Jones was sent off 12 times in his career and holds the record for the quickest red card, having been booked after only three seconds of play.

In one notorious incident he distracted Paul Gascoigne by grabbing his testicles.

During another match, he ended the career of Tottenham defender Gary Stevens with a vicious tackle.

He has had several brushes with the law: he was convicted of assaulting a neighbour in 1998.

In December 2003, Jones was convicted of air rage offences committed on a flight the previous May.

Following his conviction, Bacardi withdrew the TV adverts in which Jones appeared.

The only thing that could make this story more awesome is if Jones shouted “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch” as he charged at them and grabbed the other guy’s testicles.

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12 years ago

“The Daily Mail says when Jones has always been a tough guy even has a footballer.” Wow, the Daily Mail says the most cryptic things.

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