Will Smith is generous

Will Smith’s tax returns were analyzed and broken down by Roger Friedman of FOX News. He reports Smith gave $1.3 million in charitable donations this year. The largest amounted to a sum of $250,000 given to the Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia. $200,000 went to a Christian ministry and, even though Smith maintains he’s not a Scientologist, gave a combined $122,500 to three Scientology fronts: $67,500 went to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, $50,000 went to the Celebrity Center in Hollywood and $5,000 went to ABLE.

Despite this sizable contribution, no one knows for sure whether or not Smith is a closet Scientologist and has pyjama parties with Tom Cruise. Then again, no one knows if Smith drives around LA killing hobos and stuffing them in his trunk either. I’m just saying we shouldn’t make any assumptions until we see the dried blood and used claw hammer. Afterall, no body, no crime. Heh heh heh. Note to self: Clean out trunk.

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