Afternoon time wasters

The video of Robert Downey Jr.’s interrogation and Iron Man robot story.

  • Bossip: Khloe Kardashian is mad about all the haters
  • Drunken Stepfather: Lady GaGa is keeping things interesting
  • Holy Taco: If t-shirts told the truth
  • Asylum: I should have memorized this list of things not to say to a woman before I started to talk to women
  • Popoholic: Ana Beatriz Barros thinks she can seduce me with lingerie. You got another thing coming little missy
  • Dlisted: That effeminate dude from American Idol a season or two ago is willing to pose naked. I’m willing to stop him
  • Celebslam: Lily Allen does her best impression of a blind guy. What a bitch
  • Bastardly: Amber Heard stumbled onto the red carpet
  • Celebitchy: These rumors of Angelina chating on Brad with a female pop star may be false, but in my imagination, they’re very real
  • CoEd: Staring at beach volleyball players’ asses is also a sport
  • Hollywire: Some model had her hands and feet amputated due to a UTI
  • INO: Pete Wentz’s transformation into a gaywad is nearly complete
  • TC: Rihanna wants to be a movie star now
  • IDLYITW: Jay-Z and Young Jeezy might not like white people
  • CityRag: Brangelina about to make New York their bitch
  • Mr. Skin: Unseen nudity from National Lampoon’s The Stoned Age

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