Akon doesn’t know his age

Despite having a birth certificate, Akon says he doesn’t know his real age. In 2006 he said he was 25. Now he claims he’s 31 because his birth certificate says he was born on April 16, 1977. He’s like the Catherine Zeta Jones of rappers. The AP writes:

Some have accused Akon of trying to push back his age. But the singer, who was born in the United States but spent his early life in Senegal, where his family is from, says he never knew it. Akon says when people ask, he just gives him a figure that comes to mind. Right now, he says he feels 21.

At what age do you have to be to be half retarded? That’s how old Akon should say he is. He has a birth certificate. It’s not like his mother gave birth to him while running from a lion. His age is recorded. On paper. By the US government. So, from now on, when reporters ask how old he is and he says something stupid like, “I don’t know. To me, age is just a number. Let’s say I’m 21 because I feel 21 right now,” the reporter should whip out a copy of his birth certificate and be like, “What does that date say right there. Yes, very good. 1977. Now subtract this year from that year. What do you get? 31. Very good. And how old does that make you? Sound it out. Thir-ty one,” Basically, patronize him until he decides to kick your ass.

[Image via Splash News]

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15 years ago

he doesn’t look 21, or 31, more like 41

15 years ago

This is the most IGNORANT article I have ever read. I really hope you aren’t a journalist, you bring SHAME to our profession!

14 years ago

he looks 25 but also looks 31 at tha same time .i think hes actually 31 from his birthcerificate.

Awais Raheem
13 years ago

akon is not fan