Amy Winehouse is seductive

amy winehouse scrabble 01

Amy Winehouse is still in St. Lucia irritating the guests any way she knows how. Her latest attempt at making everyone feel very uncomfortable was playing Scrabble topless. The Sun describes:

“While taking a break from her usual antics on the beach, Amy spotted some people playing Scrabble and decided to offer her spelling knowledge.

“But only after whipping off her top!

The look on that woman’s face is one of pure terror. If this were me, this picture would look like one of those cartoons where all you see is Amy’s arm around a puff of smoke in the shape of my body while the Scrabble board wiggled back and forth in mid-air. Photos NSFW.

amy winehouse scrabble 01amy winehouse scrabble 02

  • the man from amsterdam

    oh jezus, poor guy. thats no way to live. i hope his knob is normal now.

  • Gerry Rafael

    Man, you´re sick. What vagina? You obviously don´t know much about pussies.

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