Amy Winehouse was robbed

While Amy Winehouse was making everyone in St. Lucia uncomfortable with her unsolicited nudity, two men ransacked her vacated London apartment stealing $21,000 worth of property. The robbers reportedly made off with recording equipment, a flat screen TV and five “irreplaceable” guitars.

Police showed up at Amy’s residence at 4 a.m. when they received a call about a possible disturbance. They discovered the lock on her door had been kicked in and recovered a few items that the thieves dropped on the street.

Amy wasn’t too distressed when they called her. She found solace in the fact that she brought her favorite guitar with her which kept it from being lifted.

I’m worried. For the criminals. Do you think they’re alright? What sort of disease do you think they got? It must be weird contracting gonorrhea from a guitar. Considering you haven’t even stuck it in your ass yet.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

That junk was all she had left, cause someone stole her self-esteem a long time ago.

But you gotta love a woman with no self-esteem, you can pork their crap hole, make them lick your dirty brown-eye, or just let your friends borrow them for a few minutes. It’s all good.

15 years ago