Britney has vagina dentata

A beautiful stranger hacked Britney’s Twitter account and posted some ugly lies on her page. Lies that need correcting. For the record, Britney’s vagina is not 4 feet wide. It’s 3.89 feet. And the claim of it having razor sharp teeth is wholly inaccurate. They’re just mildly pointy. Barely even able to bite through meat.

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15 years ago

That may be true but there are untold millions who would like try it out.

15 years ago

why do you have vagina dentata many people possible have vagina dentata why you i’m so sad

14 years ago

i cant belive this is that a truth ….

Adam Daniel
Adam Daniel
12 years ago

Hey brit….this is ADAM… if u see this …I let U know …..Im the HERO to break your teeth….

plz search for solutions don’t stare at problems…like people do watching at brit’s boobs….

Life has many, many other than PENIS, VAGINA and SEX…..

Life is about LOVE and SEX is just a part of it…..

but not the only part…

Ed McGoldrick
13 years ago

OMG! This hacker reminded me about the time when I watched “The Teeth” movie – that’s just so gross. Talk about cosmetic dentistry in the wrong place!

I wonder why popular celebs always ends up getting hacked, not just in the web, but phones and other private software files as well. I dunno any normal peeps here in Colorado Springs getting their twitters hacked. Maybe the paparazzi has hired hackers for scoops and stuff?