Britney Spears is lazy

Talking about how Britney Spears’ preparation for her first arena tour in five years is getting off to a rocky start, Us Weekly via MSNBC says it’s because she’s talentless and lazy. They don’t come outright and say it, but you can tell that’s what they’re getting at when they write stuff like “Spears’ work ethic isn’t quite up to par” and “she didn’t want him [choreographer Wade Robson] to see that she’s not as good as she used to be.”

Don’t worry though. Lack of talent and work ethic has never deterred Britney before so why should it now. She plans to soldier on even if her stubby legs turn a 1-2-step into a 1-2-fall-off-the-stage-and-get-a-concussion. Hopefully the new dance team she hired and drug tested will distract the audience while EMTs check for a pulse and internal bleeding.

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