“Fanboys” and time wasters

I tried this same move with your mom! Hahahahha. Wait, no.

A couple more clips over at io9.

  • Pajiba: This movie’s only saving grace is Kate Beckinsale in skintight leather
  • Lainey: It’s the robotic Katie Holmes
  • ASL: Rosario Dawson does the SAG awards
  • Hollywood Rag: Catherine Zeta Jones and her restless husband
  • WIMB: Miley Cyrus is a poser
  • Yeeeah: The Miss America swimsuit competition
  • CNW: Padma Lakshmi has silver fever
  • DRW (Site NSFW): Hayden Panettiere shows off her cleavage
  • asdf

    kate beckinsale isn’t in this one dumb ass.

    • Did they cut out the ending?

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