Hayden Panettiere is an idiot

Hayden Panettiere & Vanessa Hudgens

Celebrities think they can do whatever they want because they’re big stars. This includes getting into 21 and over clubs even though their ID says they’re 19. LA lets them get away with this because celebrities are revered as gods there and the laws binding regular citizens don’t apply to them. They could drown kittens in their sinks and the most they would get is a stern lecture about not doing it in public restrooms. Luckily, this doesn’t hold true in Suffern, NY.

TMZ reports that Hayden Panettiere was in a 21+ club there before Christmas checking out the John Turco Band when a security guard asked for her ID. He found out she was only 19, had no idea she played the insufferable and annoying Claire on Heroes and kicked her ass out. Not only that, he confiscated her ID.

Hayden then did what any celebrity would do. She threw a hissy fit and called the cops on herself to get her ID back. The cops eventually came and returned it.

If I were the bouncer, I’d cut up her card right in front of her. Even if it wasn’t a fake. Then I’d throw the pieces in the air and tell her to GTFO making sure I sprayed spittle on her face as I berated her. And I’d spank her ass and tell her to “Get along now, lil’ missy.” I’m tough, but fair.

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