Hayden Panettiere’s dad given probation

Hayden Panettiere’s dad whose name is Alan Lee Panettiere, but will forever be known only as Hayden Panettiere’s dad, was sentenced to two years probation, fined $400 and ordered to attend domestic violence counseling after pleading no contest to battery.

Hayden Panettiere’s dad was arrested for slapping his wife in the face three times because he thought she was “disrespecting'” him at a party back in August. Hayden said the incident was blown out of proportion and that the sheriff only wanted his 15 minutes of fame. I know, right? He didn’t even use his backhand.

In addition to a fine, probation and counseling, the judge also issued a protective order requiring Hayden Panettiere’s dad to not “harass, strike or threaten” his wife. An order that will be extremely difficult to follow because, did you see what she did to his eggs this morning?!

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