It was probably a sucker punch

Star is reporting that Spencer Pratt beat up his sister, Stephanie’s, ex-boyfriend because he dumped her. The incident went down at West Hollywood lounge Coco de Ville on January 17. Spencer saw the ex, Cameron Huston, and started a sissy screaming match with him. When Cameron failed to decipher Spencer’s incomprehensible shrieking, Spence punched Cameron in the face. A witness said Cameron started bleeding and had to be taken to the hospital.

Planted. The only way Spencer Pratt could beat up another guy is if the guy was looking the other way or his name was Heidi Montag. Cameron probably didn’t even know Spencer was shouting at him. He should use that excuse because, look, if you get beat up by Spencer Pratt and you had the full use of your limbs at the time, you should really think about killing yourself if you haven’t already died from the embarrassment.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

The only cool thing about being Spencer Pratt is that he get to use tweezers to pluck the pubic hair from around Heidi’s brown-eye! He might be allowed to recharge the batteries for her dildo too.
Other than that all he does is post on craigslist for greasy biker dude to plow him in the ass in the back of a 7-11.

Eat A. Dick
Eat A. Dick
15 years ago

Cornhole. Brilliant. I’m cracking up over here.