Jennifer Aniston hit the beach in a bikini

jennifer aniston bikini 07

Jennifer Aniston is un-relatable, unlikable and un-everything due to her incessant bitching and moaning. Yet, somehow her movie Marley & Me has been number one at the box office for the past two weeks in a row. Which is why in these grainy shots of her in a bikini, you can almost see an air of smugness around her as she plods along the beach half covering herself with a towel. Granted, that could just be a manifestation of my dislike for Aniston combined with the graininess of these photos but I highly doubt it. I mean, you see her kicking that puppy too, right?

jennifer aniston bikini 02jennifer aniston bikini 03jennifer aniston bikini 05jennifer aniston bikini 06jennifer aniston bikini 07

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