Jennifer Aniston hit the beach in a bikini

Jennifer Aniston is un-relatable, unlikable and un-everything due to her incessant bitching and moaning. Yet, somehow her movie Marley & Me has been number one at the box office for the past two weeks in a row. Which is why in these grainy shots of her in a bikini, you can almost see an air of smugness around her as she plods along the beach half covering herself with a towel. Granted, that could just be a manifestation of my dislike for Aniston combined with the graininess of these photos but I highly doubt it. I mean, you see her kicking that puppy too, right?

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14 years ago

O.k. I am trying to figure out why nobody ever comments on the obvious plastic surgery Jennifer has had done, her nose, chin, etc are pretty evident but what about her breast implants? It’s subtle but she has had something done to them. Her breast our bigger, fuller and sit higher then they did years ago. Wow, constant working out to get the toned body and then whoops, unlike every other 40 yr woman who loses breast size from working out and losing weight, hers just seem to get perkier. I wish she would just go away, Iam so tired… Read more »