Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony get physical

Physically abusive! Hey-oooo! Star Magazine’s Jan. 26th issue says that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s fights have escalated past the normal screaming and shouting. It’s gotten violent. Lopez even one time threatened to sit on Marc’s face and not get off. Okay, I made that up.

“They love hard; they fight hard — and sometimes that has led to pushing and shoving,” reveals an insider close to Marc. “They throw things and scream and just go bananas. It’s been war in their house!” And while Jennifer is known to let loose on him, another source says Marc “can be really mean. He’s a macho guy with a horrible temper and can say awful things.”

What triggers these blowups? A number of things — from various women calling their home to speak with Marc to his comments about Jennifer’s “chubby” post-baby body. And it’s not all him, another source insists the physicality of their relationship is just Jen’s way of getting her husband to pay attention to her.

Ha. Marc calls Jennifer a fatty too. I wonder if he reads blogs to get more ideas. I bet whenever Jennifer gets out of the tub, Marc screams, “Starboard ho,” and throws sharpened pencils at her ass to mimic harpooning a whale. And if he doesn’t, Marc can use that idea for free.

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13 years ago

“Starboard ho.” I think Marc will use your idea the next time they have a spat… which could be happening right now!

13 years ago

if marc mimics harpooning a whale, does jennifer mimic gnawing on cheese?

13 years ago

FAT? You are just mad that you can’t hit it from the back. That girl is fine(body). Marc looks like an eel. Skinny and obviously a coke head. He’s mad that Puff hit that way better than him. I’m so tired of guys who couldn’t find the “p hole” from the back hailing skinny chicks like Ale and Giselle as the epitome of sexy. Give me a break! Real women have curves, and real men know how to love them right! Who wants a rail thin woman that resembles a teenage boy? Evidently the sexually challenged!

13 years ago

“Who wants a rail thin woman that resembles a teenage boy?” – Lindsey Lohan.

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