Jennifer Lopez is a bad liar

Jennifer Lopez was without her wedding ring again for the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Naturally, there’s a perfect reasonable explanation. Lopez told In Touch via NYDN:

“Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced. That’s crazy! It just didn’t go with the dress.”

Well, duh. Wearing a $1 million 8.2 carat platinum engagement ring to the Golden Globes when you have gold on is clearly a fashion faux pas.

NYDN notes that it doesn’t explain why she didn’t wear it for the premiere of Benjamin Button when she wore white or why she had it on last time she wore gold jewelery.

A more reasonable explanation is that Jennifer Lopez is getting divorced and she’s a lying asshat. Also, she’s a fatty. Probably doesn’t even fit around her pudgy little finger anymore.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Yeah, but I’m sure if you slap her ass while poking her brown-eye she’ll still swear like a $2 whore.

13 years ago

Okay, I agree with everything you said. HOWEVER, she is NOT fat. I think she has always maintained her weight. Its not easy when you are curvy.

Chismes de Famosos
13 years ago

I believe her. And she’s not fat!! But saying that ‘is not an option’ isn’t it a little suspicious? An option for what?=

capt cornhole
capt cornhole
13 years ago

SHE’S a Porker! Fat chicks love anal too! Thier assholes are so loose from having eaten so much food….it feels like a meal in reverse to them

Also they have no self respect….therefore you can call them names while you poke them in the turd squirter and spit on their backs.

Something like: “you fat pork rind eating hog, you want me to fist your loose cornhole?”

13 years ago

i hope they are not getting divorced! i hope she was telling the truth

13 years ago

yea she lookes a bit fatter. i mean shes always been plump.. but man if she had kids she will blow up like a balloon

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