Jessica Biel is blurry, in a bikini, has a sham relationship?

jessica biel bikini 05

A few shots of Jessica Biel in a bikini with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake in Mexico recently found their way onto the web. You can barely make out Jessica and there are only a couple of good shots of her ass. You could stare at an out of focus picture of a dog and it’d be about the same level of eroticism.

Not to leave you empty handed however, here’s something to mull over. Someone sent an email saying close friends of Justin Timberlake claim he and Jessica plan to breakup around Christmas of this year (’09) or January of next year (’10) and that the only reason they are together is because of Jessica Biel’s failing career. [If you couldn’t figure it out, this story is not true and just something someone sent in via e-mail.]

Uh huh, sure. I have my doubts. It’s January right now. Going off of this rumor, that means for the whole year, they’ll have to stay together as part of a crazy business arrangement. Sounds ridiculous and pretty retarded. But then again, celebrities are just that. Besides, Jessica’s career isn’t failing. She has the Crash rip-off Powder Blue coming out this year along with Nailed, a film about a woman with a nail lodged in her head who falls in love with a young senat… oooh.

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