Jessica’s weight gain is all part of the plan

Jessica Simpson Chili Cook-off

MSNBC suggests that Jessica Simpson’s recent weight-gain may be all part of a strategic plan to push — probably on one of those little Rascals disabled people like to ride — her back into the spotlight.

A source said, “She’s loving it. It will probably get her back on the covers right when she is a ‘supporting’ act on tour. I bet Joe (Simpson) has already sold the weight-loss story.”

Even though Simpson’s reps say the rumors of Joe shopping around this story are “entirely untrue,” you know Joe is really gung-ho about this plan. Now he has an excuse to have Jessica strip to her bra and panties so he can “weigh” her every day. Jessica probably doesn’t even realize body fat is supposed to be measured with calipers, not with her dad’s bare hands and that the process definitely does not involve her dad disrobing and moaning while he’s doing it.

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