Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are on vacation

Jenny McCarth & Jim Carrey in Hawaii

Jenny McCarthy doesn’t look too shabby for 36. Jim Carrey, however, looks like his face is melting. All those years of making funny expressions have taken its toll. He’s molded it in such crazy ways that it no longer knows its original form. I don’t want this happening to me. That’s why I have decided to remain expressionless for the rest of my life. Which should make sex very awkward and serial killer-y. But on the bright side, no wrinkles!

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

I’m just going to town filling my spunk bucket today!

I should contact her agent and see if she’ll be in my new porno “Diddle Her On the Roof”.

Jim Carrey would be locked in a cage and forced to watch the filming. I would work in a few good cornholing sceens, a lot of shots of my sac slapping her taint, then the climax, me cleaning the spunk off my monitor as I drift back to reality.

How is it again you get cum off a flat screen.

colin drakard
colin drakard
11 years ago

Jenny Drakard is a twat.

colin drakard
colin drakard
11 years ago

A twat with a fat arse

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