Update: Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t joking about that rap thing

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Thought the reports of Joaquin Phoenix wanting to parlay his acting career into a rap career was all a big joke just like when Paris Hilton tried to parlay her amateur porn career into a singing career? Well, you were wrong. Again. Joaquin is dead serious about rapping. In fact, he’s already begun.

Over the weekend, a clip showed up on the YouTubes of J. Pizzle doing his thing at Lavo in Las Vegas. So, if you’ve ever had a strange desire to see the stock boy from your local Whole Foods drop it like it’s hot, then you should really watch the video above.

Another video after the jump.

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  • chewy

    that homeless guy sure can rap

  • I sure hope you arent rite about that. Cuz he is no rapper…

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