Kate Bosworth is see through

Kate Bosworth did a shoot for Tank Magazine with a sheer top and the results were surprising. You can kind of see her nipples! Who would’ve thunk? Anyway, Kate Bosworth, actress in such movies as Superman and 21, is topless in Tank Magazine! I probably should have used that sensational headline instead.

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Snow Pie
Snow Pie
13 years ago

Oh, I get it!!!

She’s supposed to be a 9/11 jumper:
– The ragged dress made by the plane crashing.
– The ledge she’s standing on waiting to be rescued.
– The fall to ground.

All done to make terrorist attacks and mass murder look very sexy.

How ingenious. Brilliant. What lovely people who designed this tacky and very sleazy ad. God damned morons!

Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
13 years ago

uuumm kate. you look so familiar baby.

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