Kelly Brook needs consoling

Kelly Brook is “beside herself” today after she was fired from her job as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent having spent only six days on the panel. Megatits, as I’ve taken to calling her, was given the news by her publicist on her way back from Milan.

‘She feels it is very unfair to do this to her after such a short time as she was just getting into the swing of things.

‘She started off a bit shakey but she was getting better towards the end of the Manchester auditions.’

Show bosses claimed the reason Kelly was dropped was because it didn’t work having four judges.

Cowell said in a statement: ‘I have genuinely enjoyed working with Kelly, she is absolutely lovely and a complete professional.”

Simon made sure to add that Kelly was a consummate professional, but said four judges simply didn’t work and only complicated things. I could have told them that. It’s really distracting having someone like Kelly Brook as a judge. I find it’s harder to concentrate on the acts when you’re constantly imagining your parents naked so you won’t get an erection.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

The bad thing about having a huge cock is when you sit down to take a s**t, sometimes your johnson ends up bumping with the browns….

Same sorta thing with women with big tits, they think they’ve got talent that extends beyond their tits.

In the end they are both over rated….