Lindsay and Sam have split

Despite earlier denials via MySpace by Lindsay Lohan, TMZ insists she and Samantha Ronson have split. Today they’re going into more detail and report that Lindsay moved out of Sam’s place and is living with her manager, Jen.

There could be a myriad of reasons for this break-up, but I think the main one is Lindsay was using too big of a strap-on. You gotta ease Sam into it. You can’t just go straight into that 9-incher. Rookie mistake.

I don’t know what’s up with my network today so if I’m gone for long periods of time, that’s just me choking my modem.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I’m guessing there was just too much flicking the bean going on and not enough of the good old deep dicking.

Also, Lindsy likes to see the freckles on her chest covered in cum from time to time. That snatch oil that Sam leaks out isn’t feeding the admiral’s cat so-to-speak.

13 years ago

she’s milked all the publicity out of this relationship she could, and now she’s moving on…well played lindsay…

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