Lindsay Lohan cutting, dieting

lindsay lohan skinny 03

Not only are friends worried about Lindsay Lohan’s recent gaunt figure, but they are also concerned that the stress of her relationship with Samantha Ronson has caused her to begin cutting again.

“The marks looked really red and sore. She tried to hide them under a long-sleeved shirt but when she lifted up her arm to show someone a picture on her mobile phone you could see the lines on her arm.”

These recent photos show a waif-ish Lindsay Lohan shopping in New York with her mother and sister. The Daily Mail explains the rapid weight loss is from the diet drink, VPX RedLine Fat Incinerator. What The Daily Mail doesn’t explain is how that gigantic rack of Lindsay’s isn’t toppling her over. It’s like two bowling balls hanging on a coat rack.

lindsay lohan skinny 01lindsay lohan skinny 02lindsay lohan skinny 03lindsay lohan skinny 04lindsay lohan skinny 05

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