Matt Dillon pleads not guilty

On December 30, Matt Dillon was pulled over for going 106mph in a 65mph zone. The cop thought his Speed Racer impression lacked substance so he ticketed him. His court date was set for today, January 21, and if you’re dying to know what happened, you probably should have read the title of this post.

Too lazy to move your eyes back up? I understand. Matt plead not guilty to careless and negligent operation for driving more than 30 miles per hour above the 65mph speed limit. Reports state he could get a year in jail and be fined $1,000 if convicted.

What they really mean to say is the judge will probably tell him it was Vermont’s fault for setting the speed limit so low and that no repercussions will be necessary except for maybe an autograph. Because he’s a celebrity, you see. And because the judge thinks his retarded brother isn’t half bad in Entourage.

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