Mickey Rourke probably took steroids

If you’re wondering how Mickey Rourke got so buff in The Wrestler, it was through hard work and a good diet. Oh, and steroids. That might have helped a little.

Rourke worked out twice a day with an Israeli cage fighter and gorged on seven meals a day to bulk up for the part.

But in a new interview with Men’s Journal he suggests he had a little extra help to speed up the process – by indulging in a drug synonymous with the world of pro wrestling.

When asked if he took steroids, the star replies, “When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler.”

Good for Mickey. The fastest and best way to see results is with shortcuts I always say. Like that time I was late for work. Cutting through that crowded children’s playground was much easier than waiting for traffic to clear up. I saved almost four minutes.

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15 years ago

Dude shut up you are being a moron.