Morning time wasters

Katherine Heigl is a winner

  • Lainey: Katherine Heigl will be out of a job
  • ASL: Vanessa Hudgens looking for Twilight action
  • Hollywood Rag: Eva Longoria isn’t a fairy
  • Flisted: Tera Patrick performs at Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce
  • WIMB: Amy Winehouse is divorcing
  • Lossip: Oh joy, it’s J.Lo’s fashion line
  • DRW (Site NSFW): Jewel does Blender
  • AB: Pete Doherty death flat party

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capt. cornhole

Katherine Heigl will never be out of a job as long as she’s got that hot cock-sucker of a mouth. You know she just gobbles the hell out of the hog.

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