Morning time wasters

Paul Rudd & Sean Williams Scott

Via INF. Role Models is hilarious. I’m not too sure about this Bad Example movie from Spain though. Did Paul Rudd help write it too?

  • Ask Men: Ask Men released their annual top 99. Why is Kate Beckinsale at 10 and why is Eva Mendes at 1? Where am I? How’d I get in this tub full of ice?
  • Pajiba: Just do the AD movie Michael Cera
  • Lainey: Jessica Alba is a bully
  • ASL: Amy Winehouse moonlights as a lifesaver
  • Hollywood Rag: Brad Pitt wants to be eaten by a shark
  • Yeeeah: Val Kilmer has gone to hell
  • CNW: When Jim Carrey met 50 Cent
  • EB: Tom is kissing Katie gayly
  • UseMyComputer: Abigail Clancy is photo shooting

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